Join Us In Supporting those Affected by the Corona Virus!

Join Us In Supporting those Affected by the Corona Virus!

New Generations has a long history of moving towards trouble and not away from it in crises like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and typhoons.  In every case, our response was driven by the twin goals of help for hurting people and the expansion of the Kingdom of God. 

The global coronavirus pandemic has not yet peaked in Africa and India so we don’t yet how bad it will be.  Here is what we do know:

  • Conditions are crowded – Social distance cannot exist.
  • The people are poor – Many will die of starvation before sickness
  • Health care is bad - If you are sick, you are on your own
  • Economies are fragile – No $2T bailouts!

In short, devastation is at the doorstep!

Please join us in giving to those in need.

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